Advertising 2.0?

, Posted on Aug 13

In the days of DVR and Tivo when it’s possible to “skip” the commercials, some companies are getting more creative with their advertising budgets and targeting the tech-savvy audiences of this 2.0 world we live in. Last month, I saw this article in the Wall Street Journal introducing Vogue magazine’s Web-based reality series about the fashion industry. Retailer Express LLC paid big bucks to be the lead sponsor of the show. Express will supply clothes to be worn by the models in the series with a link for viewers to click and buy what the models are wearing. In another article from Advertising Age, it is reported that Gap is allocating a portion of its fall budget to online advertising in addition to print and outdoor, with no plans for TV. Unusual for a company known for their TV ads featuring famous people. Advertisers take note: Reaching your target audience may only be a mouse click away!