TROY, Mich., July 8, 2015 – Troy, Mich.-based Badger has announced the launch of its first-to-market logistics management app, Badger Freight Tracking, that provides a reliable, timely and hassle free freight tracking system for shippers, third party logistics management providers, brokers and trucking companies. Badger founder and CEO Parker Stallard made the announcement.

Badger Freight Tracking features an “open shipment dashboard,” which allows the user to view an overall display of the shipping process. The app provides a simple, elegant and responsive user interface to allow for clients to easily view their entire supply chain in transit. This display includes everything from the shipment’s origin, destination and completion to its schedule, delays and automatically updated delivery ETAs. All in the form of real time updates sent directly to the user’s mobile device. Simply enter the shipment’s details to receive an original Badger ID number and shortcode, and send it off to the assigned shipment driver.

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