Morgan MarkAccount Executive, Media Relations & Marketing

Morgan Mark, Account Assistant, Media Relations and Marketing- Identity PR
Driven Committed Imaginative

Morgan is an account executive at Identity, where she is responsible for conducting research, copywriting, marketing and media relations support for the firm’s clients. After completing her first public relations course in college, she quickly realized her passion for the field. After earning her Bachelor of Arts in public relations from Wayne State University, she joined Identity as an intern. After an outstanding internship, she was hired as an account assistant in early 2015.

In her spare time, Morgan enjoys staying busy. Whether she’s relaxing and catching up on TV shows or spending time with her friends and family, she is always doing something. She also enjoys cooking, especially when she gets to try new recipes and her friends and family are brave enough to try them.

What motivates me:

Whether it’s in regards to my work life or personal life, I thrive off of seeing how my work or the things that I do can truly make a difference in another’s life or business. I love helping others grow into their full potential.