Michele TateAssociate Creative Director

Michele Dickens, Associate Creative Director - Identity PR
Interpreter Juggler (Fairy God-)Mommy

Michele has been squeezing out creative juice at Identity since February 2003. She supplies the firm with graphic design and artistic expertise, supporting the company’s clients through the creation and production of marketing materials.

For Michele, the joy of designing is figuring out the puzzle of the right imagery, style, message and format to convey a particular perspective. She daily takes as her personal challenge the task of broadening the creative horizons of clients, offering them the opportunity to be different, stylish, and most importantly, optimally effective in their visual communications.

Michele earned her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in fine arts at Eastern Michigan University. Prior to joining Identity, she designed packaging for Kmart Corporation’s in-house brands.

What motivates me:

In both business and life in general, I’m motivated by 3 phrases— “LOVE it!” “Never seen anything like that before…” “You can’t.”