Katherine May

Administrative Coordinator

As the Administrative Coordinator at Identity, Katherine works behind the scenes to research and gather data, coordinate events and travel and to keep the general operations of the office running smoothly.

Connecting people and solutions has always been a passion of Katherine’s.  While serving as a Peace Corps volunteer in Sub-Saharan Africa, she worked with the development of small businesses in the natural products sector.  She spent 2 years creating a network of raw goods vendors, business owners and customers.  She helped businesses promote themselves locally through opportunities such as talk segments on the local radio station and trade training and sharing sessions.  One of the apiculture groups that she helped create was even selected to present at Slow Food in Italy!

Working at Identity PR, she gets a chance to be part of an organization that helps connect people, businesses and solutions on a much larger scale.  Though modern marketing and PR were new territory to her when she started at Identity, she loves learning and being immersed in the unlimited potential of the ever-evolving field of marketing and PR.

Katherine’s love world cultures started when she was a kid – collecting foreign coins that would mistakenly show up in the cash register at her dad’s store.  She has since lived in Brazil, Mexico, Cameroon and South Korea studying, volunteering and working and has traveled to several other countries.

She is a mom to an incredible 8-year old boy.  Though she and her son now live in the US, they still live globally.  They attend a Korean- American church and celebrate the Korean New Year by making dumplings and mandu-guk with friends.  At home, they enjoy African food and dance to music from all over the world.

In her free time, she can also be found getting blissfully lost in farmers markets, practicing urban agriculture, cycling around town or in the Tour de Troit, camping, going to music festivals and taking off on mini weekend adventures with her son.

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