Elizabeth BastianDirector of Finance & Office Operations

Elizabeth Bastian, Director of Finance & Office Operation - Identity
Vivacious Geek Methodical

Elizabeth Bastian originally joined Identity as the financial administrator in 2012, but has since grown to managing all behind-the-scenes operations, including HR, IT  and finance. Her special blend of meticulous organization and decisive personality keep the framework of the office running like a well-oiled machine.

An unabashed geek, Elizabeth enjoys a large assortment of nerd fandoms, as well as is an avid board-gamer, enjoying European-style heavyweights weekly with her friends. Other favorite activities include disc golf, concerts, reading, travel and experiencing truly great food.

Graduating magna cum laude from The University of Michigan, Elizabeth remains a staunch Wolverine, as is advertised by the multiple flags of maize and blue in her office. Next time you’re at Identity, feel free to stop by with a hearty ‘Go Blue!’

What motivates me:

I thrive on things that challenge me. Nothing gives me more satisfaction than coming out successful on the other end of something that really stretched my limits.