Christopher D’Amato II

Community Manager, Social Media

Christopher D’Amato II is a social media community manager at Identity. In his role, Christopher specializes in social media strategy and content creation, creative storytelling, and community engagement for a number of diverse clients.

Christopher arrived with experience working for national B2B and B2C brands across an array of industries, where he honed his skills for creating shareable, story-driven content and engaging communities. While studying at Xavier University, he accepted positions with startups, incubators, and even a historical landmark. Upon graduating in 2018 with a bachelor’s degree in advertising and a minor in psychology, he turned his focus to agency life.

Christopher’s ongoing commitment to bettering his professional skill set is experienced by internal and client teams alike. His ability to find the lessons in every interaction he has allows interpersonal growth while informing his fluid, unique perspective on modern, comprehensive marketing efforts.

When he isn’t working, you can find Christopher somewhere between putting way too much effort into making Spotify playlists, and trying to convince friends, family and strangers alike that, yes actually, Norm MacDonald is the best SNL cast member of all time. He also talks about erging a lot but it’s unclear if he owns a rowing machine at this time. And, he still uses Tumblr—one of the last remaining holdouts.

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