Chris AustinSenior Account Executive, Media Relations & Marketing, Emerging Talent Manager

Chris Austin, Account Executive, Media Relations & Marketing - Identity
Aspirer Perceptive Adaptable

Chris Austin is a senior account executive with Identity, where he is responsible for providing research, copywriting, marketing and media relations support to clients.

Driven by his love for writing and severe case of (undiagnosed) middle child syndrome, Chris continually aspires for self-improvement in all aspects of his life—from the strategies he conceives and implements for clients to his epically bad golf swing.

In his spare time, Chris enjoys reading, spending time with his awesome wife, daughter and twin boys, walking local nature trails with his camera and tripod in hand, and trying to convince his wife to let him travel to Antarctica to play with penguins. He’s always on the lookout for a great new golf course to play and is a die-hard hockey fan.

What motivates me:

Storytelling. I’m constantly trying to figure out new and exciting ways to bring clients’ unique stories and brands to life in a way that will help them achieve their goals.