Brian Figurski

Senior Multimedia Content Specialist

Always working with a cinematic vision, Brian Figurski is a Senior Multimedia Content Specialist at Identity with a specialization in videography and photography. No day is ever exactly the same, jumping from attending client events, editing video, crafting social copy, monitoring online communities and researching analytic behaviors. Normally not one to gush about his accolades, Brian lets the quality of his work speak on his behalf.

Brian has always been the quirky and creative type, since first grade when he drew his teacher a picture reading “In Spring, Bud’s grow on trees” with cans of beer drooping from the branches. He has since turned that creative passion toward the world of video, attending the Specs Howard School of Media Arts after graduating high school. 

After working freelance jobs shooting music videos, sporting events and weddings, Brian attended Oakland University for Creative Writing and relocated to Phoenix, AZ to work as an editor of a local publication.

After returning to Michigan, Brian worked as a host of pub trivia, a hobby he continues to do today. He also has a passion for fitness and slowly chipping away at that novel he promised himself he’d finish writing three years ago.

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