Alex Lipinski

Assistant Account Executive, Media Relations

Alex is an assistant account executive on the media relations team at Identity, providing specialized support through media pitching, research, writing and reporting.

Alex’s interest in brand messaging of product releases, company updates and crisis, and how a consumer responds to all three led him to want to play a role on a bridge that brings brands and their audiences together.

Alex has completed internships with nonprofits and startups in Detroit and Ann Arbor, and is a testament to the success of the Identity internship program. He graduated from Eastern Michigan University’s public relations and marketing programs and was a member of PRSSA. During his time at Eastern, he studied a semester abroad at the University of Padua in Italy, where he completed business classes while falling in love with wine. Following his stay in Italy, he worked at a wine store and bar where this love was nurtured into a passion.

Outside of his cube at Identity Alex is a sailor, avid board gamer and computer geek who enjoys fantasy and horror novels, and especially enjoys a good wine or beer. He also loves just about anything that allows him to create abstract ideas into tangible realizations, particularly cooking, painting and writing. What Alex loves most of all is his wife and best friend, Amanda.

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