Alec Hamilton

Senior Assistant Account Executive, Social Media

Alec is an assistant account executive on the Digital Team. In his role, he is responsible for creating editorial calendar copy, managing and monitoring social media communities, crafting blog content, building brand awareness, gathering analytics and executing events.

As an avid writer, the world of digital marketing and public relations always had a certain draw for Alec. When the time came to start applying for jobs post grad, he was thrilled about having the opportunity to explore the industry further thanks to an internship with Identity, eventually leading to a career.

In 2017, he graduated from Michigan State University with a bachelor’s degree in advertising management. During his time at MSU, he interned for a wedding services company where he honed his blog writing abilities —mainly compiling stellar lists of cakes and top wedding venues in Michigan.

Alec spends his free time playing softball, golfing, listening to podcasts, answering trivia questions and reading fiction.

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