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    Long before Twitter and Facebook and Instagram there existed a simpler time, one with Bye Bye Birdie and Face/Off and Basic Instinct. A time where movies jockeyed for position in the forefront of moviegoers minds with only Roger Ebert’s opinion and a well-cut trailer at their disposal. This is a time, we refer to as: The Pre-Social Media Era (one day Spielberg will make a movie about a park set in this time period too).

    Today, movies, and those involved in their production, utilize social media to astounding success. Promoting million-dollar movies to millions of followers with a click of a button. Let’s take a behind the scenes look at how these two mediums come together to form a dynamic duo.

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  • I recently had the awesome opportunity to attend and present at NetBase LIVE, an event series focused on sharing the latest best practices and case studies related to social media listening and analytics. Presented by NetBase, the U.S. events took place on both coasts, with workshops and presentations in Los Angeles and New York City.

    The presenters at this year’s NetBase LIVE events represented some of largest and most progressive brands and agencies in the country. Here is just a sample of the companies and organizations who took the stage:

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