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  • The ways in which we tell a story have changed drastically in the last few decades. Perhaps the best journalism evolution today is the ability to leverage more visually appealing ways to express the magnitude of a story.

    Technology such as drone footage, time-lapse videos, 3D photographs and social media snapshots allow us to convey more emotion, drama and detail to bring a story to life. As opposed to relying on words alone, we have so many resources at our fingertips to go one step beyond that and give readers a glimpse into the visual (and sometimes risky) world of impactful storytelling.

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  • Everything Content and Email Conference

    In late March, I had the opportunity to attend Digital Summit's Everything Email and Content Conference held at Port Detroit Loft. Since I only recently moved to the East side of Michigan and admittedly don't know the area very well, I first went into the GM Renaissance Center, not realizing that Port Detroit Loft was just down the street. No regrets though, because that RenCen was worth checking out.

    I snuck in the event venue just in time to grab a little coffee before jumping into the first session. What could be better than overlooking the river and Canada while listening to awesome insights on email and content? Nothing. I was in Digital Heaven. With this conference placing a priority on emerging technology, attendees spent the day learning about AI and content, personalization, GDPR compliance, and much, much more.

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