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  • Shopping center developers, mall owners and operators, and marketing/social media managers are always looking for new ways to tell their story, reach more potential consumers, and subsequently drive foot traffic and boost sales.

    The good news is that there is a (largely) untapped resource out there just waiting to be used: user-generated content. Consumers are generating photos and content at shopping centers every day. The explosion of mobile digital technology, the popularity of experience-sharing, and the growth of social media platforms, has created a kind of perfect storm of conditions that allow people to document and share moments that matter to them. Shopping centers and mixed-use destinations, with their cocktail of retail, dining and entertainment options, provide both the backdrop and the animation that makes them an especially popular setting for pictures and video to capture the moment.

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  • From quick landscaping updates and parking lot repavements to long-term façade renovations and roadwork, construction near and within retail shopping centers is not always a welcome sight. Moreover, construction projects can result in increased traffic congestion, changes in tenant hours and unhappy guests and shoppers.

    So, how can retailers and shopping centers operators prepare and tailor their communications plan to address the impact of a construction project? We've compiled a few takeaways based on our experience working with all types of centers and retailers throughout the United States.

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