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  • Real Estate Developers Need To Tell Their Own Story

    When I began my career as a marketing professional nearly 30 years ago, the commercial real estate marketing world was narrow and a mile deep.

    Today, it is a mile wide and if it were water, you could skip across it and not even get your ankles wet.

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  • From guest injuries and safety concerns to tenant issues and infrastructure failure, it’s no surprise that shopping centers are particularly susceptible to crisis situations. Thousands of visitors a day. Multiple businesses in one location. Maintenance demands. The question isn’t if a shopping center will face a crisis…it’s when.

    I recently had the opportunity to present to a group of shopping center general managers and operations specialists on how to effectively manage crisis situations. During the presentation, I shared several best practices for managing crisis events at shopping centers, as well as real-world case studies. The important takeaway from the presentation: How a center and a center’s management responds to a crisis is key.

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