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  • Maximize Real Estate Tenant Announcements

    For real estate developers, new anchor and tenant announcements provide an ideal opportunity to provide the media with updates and keep your project and its progress in the forefront of public consciousness. Unlike the vision-driven and aspirational details that may be included in initial project announcements, the release of tenant information tends to be more transactional in nature.

    Understanding the key mechanics and subtleties involved with these announcements is important for real estate professionals and their marketing and PR teams who want to maintain media momentum and avoid costly or embarrassing missteps.

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  • Real Estate Developers Need To Tell Their Own Story

    When I began my career as a marketing professional nearly 30 years ago, the commercial real estate marketing world was narrow and a mile deep.

    Today, it is a mile wide and if it were water, you could skip across it and not even get your ankles wet.

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