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  • Boost Your PR Campaign with a Paid Media Buy

    The right tools can help you boost your brand by cutting through the noise to reach your target audience and create greater visibility. That’s exactly why you should consider a paid media buy as a critical component of your next PR campaign.

    Paid media buys were long considered taboo in public relations - something to shy away from in favor of traditional earned media. But the truth is, as the media landscape continues to evolve, paid media buys are an essential part of a robust PR program. Embracing this tactic puts your brand and your message front and center, giving a campaign the kick-start it needs to be successful.

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  • Pro Bono PR Work

    Does your company have a community outreach program? Support a charity? Or sponsor an event?

    If something comes to mind (and I hope it did), then you probably know the great feeling that comes with being involved in an effort that benefits others. Identity, like many other companies, has provided professional time, volunteer hours and monetary support to dozens of organizations over for the past 20 years. And I've had the good fortune of being involved in many of our pro bono PR efforts.

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