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  • Pig Beach Bahamas

    By now you’ve heard all about Fyre Festival. You’ve probably watched a documentary or two. If you’ve ever organized or marketed an event, you might even have a few choice words for the management team. But let’s be honest, it’s easy in retrospect to say what you would have done differently, especially from the outside looking in.

    We could talk about how we might have approached the planning and execution (or maybe lack thereof) of Fyre Festival if we’d been in charge, but let’s look forward. There are takeaways from Fyre Festival to be uncovered and applied to your own events. Here are three lessons learned from Fyre Festival for event planners and marketers.

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  • Fine-Tuning Your Descriptive Language to Make Your Content Soar

    When it comes to using flamboyant or elaborate language in your writing, how much is too much?

    One of the trickiest parts of writing for brands and businesses is knowing when to get “fancy” and when to keep things simple. Whether it’s a bylined article, an e-book, a blog post, or a press release, understanding where to draw the line between simple, straightforward language and more extravagant description can be a challenge.

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