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  • When a person or group attacks your brand, it’s easy to take it as a personal affront.

    After all, you’ve spent countless hours trying to position the business as a legitimate and credible provider of goods and services. So, when a negative article posted, it’s almost natural to want to fight back and respond to the negative brand commentary for brand protection.

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  • Whether you’re looking to host a professional event with fellow thought leaders, putting on a grand opening event for a new brand entering the market, or simply promoting your company during a national holiday or community event, having strong event activations to draw participation and engagement is the key to success. At Identity, we’re consistently tasked with coming up with big ideas for our clients to ensure their message remains sticky and makes an impact on their target audience.

    When developing your next event experience, it’s important to put yourself in the attendee’s shoes. What does value look like? You want to offer something that your audience doesn’t typically have access to or get to experience often. This way you are leaving them with a memorable moment that is tied to your brand.

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