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  • Despite the advances made in the social media space, there is still a belief among many that B2B blogs should be maintained and authored by a CEO or other C-suite executive. Well, I’m here to clear the air.

    While there are plenty of great examples of excellent CEO blogs, B2B companies have the opportunity to move away from the single author model and reap the benefits of leveraging multiple authors. Incorporating additional bloggers can help add a diversity of content while allowing you to hone in on specific topics that can inform and influence customers throughout their buying cycle. Moreover, surrounding the CEO with additional voices can help build credibility and trust around your company and its services.

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  • One of the great misconceptions about social media's place in the public relations (or marketing) arsenal is that it's only for the big consumer brands. "We're B2B, so social media isn't really right for us," goes the familiar refrain.

    But a quick test can turn this misnomer on its ear. Think about the last five significant sales your company closed, and select which of the following actually made the sale. Check all that apply:

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