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  • The idea of using social media to engage with potential customers is nothing new. Yet despite the number of statistics supporting social media’s influence on business growth and brand loyalty, there’s a prevailing misconception that social media is only for B2C brands.

    The truth is, digital communications platforms can have an equally positive impact on B2B business goals. While B2B companies have been slower to grasp the power of social media in connection to their product and service offerings, 2014 was a pivotal year, as social media adoption grew within the B2B sector.

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  • Money Key

    Lately, this has been one of our most popular (and tricky) discussion items with new and prospective clients: How can social media be used to generate B2B sales and leads?

    I’ve heard the question dozens of times in the past 90 days alone and have experienced some very tense and tough conversations as a result. While we can track the activity of visitors, gauge how fans react to content and identify behavior trends among audiences, the path from content consumption to meeting request or purchase isn’t always clear. That is, unless the right elements are in place.

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