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  • Las Vegas Shooting Vigil

    We’re living in an age of unpredictability; a sentiment that resonates particularly strong for the hospitality industry.

    Now that we’ve had a few months to process and come to terms with what happened in Las Vegas, we want to take a step back and think about how – as counselors – this tragedy impacts our clients and us as an agency.

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  • TripAdvisor reviews can be one of the strongest social media tools for hotels, yet most properties don’t capitalize on the never-ending collection of relevant reviews. In many cases, these influential endorsements only live within a hotel's TripAdvisor profile and are rarely promoted across other digital platforms.

    Why tell potential travelers that they should stay with you when your former and repeat guests can do it for you? Here are three impactful reasons why hotel TripAdvisor reviews should be leveraged across social media channels:

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