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  • Man speaking to group

    Conferences and trade shows are a great way to showcase new products and services, learn about new trends in your industry and generally network with potential clients and partners. It’s also incredibly easy to get lost in the shuffle at these events and walk away feeling like you invested heavily in exhibition and sponsorship opportunities (not to mention travel and accommodations) with little to show for it.

    So how can businesses better leverage their trade show investments for maximum impact? At Identity, we’ve helped a number of clients refine their trade show and conference strategy to make the experience more valuable and provide a better return on investment. Here are a couple tips:

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  • Family watching TV

    Most of us grew up watching public television – Sesame Street and Mr. Rogers, anyone? – and many still enjoy it today. Although public television is usually known for its children’s and educational programming, it offers a wide variety of interesting content for viewers of all ages.

    I had the opportunity to hear the CEO of Detroit Public Television, Rich Homberg, speak about how he sees the future of television changing (and not changing!). He made several points about how important content is and what you should consider when developing content. Although Rich works in television, his proven theories about creating successful, engaging content are applicable across all types of media and all industries.

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