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  • How do conferences and trade shows fit into your overall business strategy? For several of our clients, like the dozens we supported at last month's ICSC RECon real estate trade show, attending trade shows is a key element of their marketing strategy. And these clients are not alone. In fact, an article by Marking Charts noted 64% of marketers use trade shows and events to source new prospects and business opportunities. A follow-up article cited a survey that found 83% of B2B marketers are heavily invested in events.

    The most coveted opportunity associated with attending an event: taking the stage as an expert speaker. Securing a business speaking engagement at a trade show can serve as a powerful medium for generating awareness, credibility and potential leads. But where do you start?

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  • Hollywood has the Oscars and music has the Grammys, but you don’t need to be an A-list celebrity to earn accolades for outstanding contributions in your line of work. Every industry has their own version of the Academy Awards, and businesses of all sizes have the opportunity to be recognized on a national, regional or local stage, for their industry-leading efforts and supporting contributions.

    However, for whatever reason, many businesses overlook the power of awards when it comes to marketing and communications. Whether their heads are down working on the next big project, or resources are limited, awards aren’t typically on the top of most businesses’ agendas.

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