• Last One Out of Michigan…

    , Posted on Feb 15

    …please hire more PR help!

    It’s not easy being a company trying to manage a message that constituents don’t want to hear. Volkwagen is the latest example of a large, seemingly suited-to-its-environment, company to leave the state of Michigan, and Michiganders are taking the news pretty hard.

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  • Defying Chicken Little

    , Posted on Feb 14

    It struck me as I attended a recent convention of the nation’s homebuilding industry, the International Builders Show in Orlando, how the powers of persuasive PR can become so critical to corporate wellness. The housing market is certainly foremost in our minds when thinking of the current challenges facing our economy, and the tension was palpable at the show.

    On the one hand, builders have either clammed up to the press or demanded that the media write positive stories – or both! On the other, the media were buzzing about their thirst for positive news in the housing industry, along with their inability to find the good-news oasis.

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