• The Message of Messaging

    , Posted on Feb 19

    At one of my favorite coffee and pastry shops, near the entrance there is a wall of news clippings and magazine food reviews. The sign for a restaurant in the city where I grew up has a map of the state of Michigan and mastheads of the different newspapers it has been featured in (including the New York Post). Peculiar, yes, but I didn’t design the sign.

    When shopping during a trip to Boston this summer, I’ll never forget this binder that sat on the counter of a boutique near the register. It contained jagged-edged magazine and newspaper clippings of products (including a top-rated eyelash curler) available in the store. None of these articles mentioned the particular boutique; rather they were simply a hodgepodge of news clips that spotlighted products.

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  • Wikis in plain English

    , Posted on Feb 18

    This is a great video explaining how a wiki works. The same practices applied in this video were used to create the uber-famous Wikipedia, the largest online encyclopedia. Businesses can actually create their own wikis in order to implement new coordination strategies for employees and eliminate communication errors that can arise from emails or conference calls.

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