• Media Coverage: When the stars align

    , Posted on Feb 21

    With the proper planning and messaging, there is a much greater chance the “stars will align” and media coverage will be obtained.

    A recent example reminded me–sometimes you never know.

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  • The Message of Messaging

    , Posted on Feb 19

    At one of my favorite coffee and pastry shops, near the entrance there is a wall of news clippings and magazine food reviews. The sign for a restaurant in the city where I grew up has a map of the state of Michigan and mastheads of the different newspapers it has been featured in (including the New York Post). Peculiar, yes, but I didn’t design the sign.

    When shopping during a trip to Boston this summer, I’ll never forget this binder that sat on the counter of a boutique near the register. It contained jagged-edged magazine and newspaper clippings of products (including a top-rated eyelash curler) available in the store. None of these articles mentioned the particular boutique; rather they were simply a hodgepodge of news clips that spotlighted products.

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