• Speaking of blogging

    , Posted on Feb 26

    Has anyone else noticed how reporters are increasingly being asked -- or are volunteering -- to wear two hats nowadays? In addition to filing copy for print or Web, reporters across all beats seem to have media-sponsored blogs. From sports reporters to business writers, the line is continuing to blur between journalist and blogger.

    I frequently see bloggers filing "stories" exclusively for their blogs on topics that might not otherwise fit in the print editions of the newspaper or online. Or, a reporter might expand on a piece that he or she writes for the newspaper, and open that piece up to reader comments. And you see the blogs, Web sites and newspapers cross-promoting one another all the time. Keeps our media friends very busy, I'd say.

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  • Front Page? More like Home Page.

    , Posted on Feb 22

    This week, the largest newspaper in Michigan—The Detroit Free Press—unveiled a new website.

    When I visit the site, I’m whom the newsroom generals leading the “Web Wars” were targeting. Their orders? Get me to stay there as long as possible and get me to come back.

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