• Wikis in plain English

    , Posted on Feb 18

    This is a great video explaining how a wiki works. The same practices applied in this video were used to create the uber-famous Wikipedia, the largest online encyclopedia. Businesses can actually create their own wikis in order to implement new coordination strategies for employees and eliminate communication errors that can arise from emails or conference calls.

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  • 50 Best Websites of 2007 – Time Magazine

    , Posted on Feb 17

    Time Magazine has an excellent breakdown of their 2007 picks for the best sites on the Web.

    “Our 2007 picks are the best examples of what’s new and exciting about the Web right now. Here we honor site with exceptional style and smarts, sites that offer new and improved way to access and share content, generate our own and otherwise enrich the online (and off-line) experience.” - TIME

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