• The Power of a Blog – A Consumer’s Perspective

    , Posted on Mar 06

    Too often as a marketing professional, we try to analyze the “metric” behind how or why something works without even taking into account how a practice touches our life on a daily basis. What is the value of a blog that allows real people to comment and express their opinions?

    As a parent, this story caused me great concern.

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  • How to sift through it all

    , Posted on Mar 04

    As newspapers make cuts in staff, skim down print coverage, and online news outlets become more mainstream, it seems everyone is a journalist these days. People now surf blogs and social networking sites to get their "news" and overnight some regular Joe in anywhere, U.S.A., is an authority. We are at a crossroads in the who, what and how we report news and target media. It's exciting to know that anyone and everyone's voices can now be heard, but at what cost?

    Are we blurring the lines between what's fact and opinion? Or are we creating a more realistic two-way communication in which we can really understand each other?

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