• angryjournalist.com - take note PR professionals

    , Posted on Feb 27

    While performing the daily scan of updates to my RSS feeds, I came across a great post on Kevin Dugan and Richard Laermer's The Bad Pitch Blog about a new site that PR professionals should take a look at, angryjournalist.com (warning--- some mildly offensive language and imagery is on the site).

    One thing is for certain, you won't see any comments about members of Identity on that site... (at least I hope so!)

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  • re: front page?

    , Posted on Feb 26

    What's interesting about that phenomenon is that, while newsroom staffs get cut, more news gets out. Different channels, perhaps, but there is more news, more news outlets, and more news stories than ever before. And it becomes increasingly compartmentalized. Maybe "general" media is giving way to interest-specific media, more stuff like this.

    Perhaps there will soon be a news portal for has-been musicians who turn to the glamorous world of public relations?

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