• What drives Web 2.0?

    , Posted on Mar 18

    After an industry event on Web 2.0 held this past February in Detroit, I walked away with the "Five Cs" scratched into my notes. These driving forces behind the social media/Web 2.0 movement came courtesy of special guest speaker Michael Pranikoff, director of emerging media for PRNewswire.

    Content, Collaboration, Community, Conversation and Converged Services signify a revolution in the way the Web is being utilized. Internet users are no longer simply retrieving information, they are creating their own. Audiences want to be engaged with a vivid user experience. This has led to dynamic content, a lack of boundaries and user participation becoming essential attributes for Web-based marketing strategies.

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  • swimming upstream

    , Posted on Mar 17

    How do you counter a media narrative that seems to be irreversibly trending in a particularly negative direction? When a certain "group-think" approach to a given trend seems to become a self-fulfilling prophecy, how do you disseminate a message that runs counter to conventional wisdom?

    Put more clearly, I'm thinking specifically about the general media narrative with respect to the slumping housing market. Rooted in truth, to be sure, this nonetheless seems to be an ongoing story that has the power to continually feed itself, like a forest fire run amok.

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