• a tale of two press conferences

    , Posted on Mar 24

    Two noteworthy press conferences today: The City of Detroit formally charging the Mayor of Detroit with perjury and obstruction of justice, among other counts, and the Mayor's press conference responding to the charges.

    The first was delivered by Kym L. Worthy, the Wayne County prosecutor. The prepared remarks were perhaps too long, but they served to convey the thought and care that went into the investigation, along with the seriousness of the charges and the thoroughness of the investigation. The Q&A was most entertaining, as Ms. Worthy provided direct, succinct (borderline terse) answers to all questions posed.

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  • Coming up short

    , Posted on Mar 21

    How is it that some companies can take a 3-5 year approach when it comes to setting growth goals, yet cannot look past the next quarter when comes to marketing?

    Marketing is a process, not an event.  It should be strategic and carefully executed.  If you are planning to start a newsletter, but are expecting for it to pay for itself on the first mailing, my suggestion would be for you to save your money and hire another sales person.  If you are ready to invest in your marketing program, and in your business, make a minimum of a  two-year commitment.  Remember: Repetition is reputation.

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