Pantone Color of the Year - Marsala

New Year, New Color Trends

By: Kathy Laing

Every year brings change, and new trends emerge. A big trend always revolves around color. Whether it’s in fashion, interior design or graphic design, a new color trend will be followed. And thanks to Pantone, Marsala (a robust, earthy red) has been named Color of the Year for 2015. As trends go, it will only last until a new Color of the Year is selected next year.

With the new year, you may be looking to refresh some of your marketing materials, start a new website, update your brand or launch a new ad campaign. A simple update could be infusing Marsala into your 2015 marketing materials.

Color trends are influenced by current events, whether it’s in politics, sports, music, society or technology. It simply reflects what seems to be going on in our culture at any given time.

For example, the feeling in the 1950’s was very optimistic, which was represented by the bright colors that were used in automobiles, clothing and advertising. The 1960’s brought us tie-dye, which reflected the culturally-unsettled times.

Even today, color palettes are richer because of international influences. The word “marsala” is usually associated with a fortified wine from Italy. The deep red tone is seen in designs across the globe.

The thing to remember when choosing colors, whether they are trendy or not, is to select colors that complement your message. The trendy color of today may attract attention now, but it could look dated in a short time. Color should make sense and support your communication goals, not confuse the message. Stay true to your company’s visual branding elements, like your logo, identity collateral and website. These materials are a reflection of your company’s brands and should always remain consistent.

Utilizing color trends in conjunction with your brand will help your marketing materials from appearing stale. You can use these trendy colors in applications, such as a new marketing campaign or a website promotion – something short lived.

And remember, always choose colors that complement your message and brand!