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  • Crisis Communication

    At first-word of a potential crisis, companies immediately begin assessing the threat and developing a plan to minimize the public impact to their organization. It is a logical step to want to protect the brand from a looming or full-blown crisis, and being proactive will help when it comes to weathering the storm.

    However, in the chaos that crisis situations bring about, companies often lose sight of an important audience: their own team members.

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  • We lured Andrea to Identity in 2004 after short, but impactful, first job experience at the Detroit News. We did not need to teach her what life in a news room was like or how to pitch a story. She had been immersed in it.

    I used to say that the carpet in front of my door was worn out because of the amount of time Andrea spent in my doorway. She was curious, smart, passionate and driven.  It was clear that she had a plan for herself, and I knew early on that we had a plan for her, too.

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