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  • Pro Bono PR Work

    Does your company have a community outreach program? Support a charity? Or sponsor an event?

    If something comes to mind (and I hope it did), then you probably know the great feeling that comes with being involved in an effort that benefits others. Identity, like many other companies, has provided professional time, volunteer hours and monetary support to dozens of organizations over for the past 20 years. And I've had the good fortune of being involved in many of our pro bono PR efforts.

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  • M1 Concourse for Business

    We’ve often heard from team members that the Identity Biannual Meeting is something unique and special to our agency.

    It’s our philosophy that a well-informed and engaged team will produce better work. While we communicate quite frequently on a daily, weekly and monthly basis to keep the entire agency in the loop, it can be tough to focus on the bigger picture and vision for the company. Our Identity Biannual Meetings help us step away from the daily grind and discuss how we are continually evolving to become a better company.

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