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  • 5 Event Activation Ideas

    Whether you’re looking to host a professional event with fellow thought leaders, putting on a grand opening event for a new brand entering the market, or simply promoting your company during a national holiday or community event, having strong event activations to draw participation and engagement is the key to success. At Identity, we’re consistently tasked with coming up with big ideas for our clients to ensure their message remains sticky and makes an impact on their target audience.

    When developing your next event experience, it’s important to put yourself in the attendee’s shoes. What does value look like? You want to offer something that your audience doesn’t typically have access to or get to experience often. This way you are leaving them with a memorable moment that is tied to your brand.

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  • Women of Influence Seminar

    This Wednesday, Identity managing partner Andrea Bogos Trapani will share her career journey as part of the inaugural Women of Influence seminar, hosted by Identity client Farbman Group.

    The event, slated to run from 9-10 a.m. on June 20, will feature five local female executives who will discuss their challenges and successes along their journey to their current positions. The event is part of Farbman’s C-Series events, and more than 100 attendees are expected to listen in as these women outline their lessons learned throughout their time in the business world.

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