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  • Prepared for your Media Interview

    A lot of hard work goes into securing an interview with a member of the media. The pitch needs to both grab their attention and relate to what their audience is looking for – two things that can be difficult to accomplish in this current climate where newsrooms are giving more and more work to less reporters.

    Just getting to the point where the reporter wants to conduct an interview can be considered a victory in and of itself, so it goes without saying that you don’t want to squander the opportunity (but we’re going to say it anyway, because that’s the point of this blog post).

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  • Real Estate Developers Need To Tell Their Own Story

    When I began my career as a marketing professional nearly 30 years ago, the commercial real estate marketing world was narrow and a mile deep.

    Today, it is a mile wide and if it were water, you could skip across it and not even get your ankles wet.

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