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  • For those of us working in hospitality marketing and public relations, it feels like there is a new hotel opening every week. This past December, Marriott International Announced that it will open 40 luxury hotels in 2018. Here in Detroit, we'll see three major hotels open this year. All this activity makes for exciting times, and hotel marketers and public relations pros are often moving from grand opening to grand opening.

    In the past, new hotels would take a relatively straightforward approach to generating media awareness and excitement around a grand opening. Properties would send out a standard press release to local media outlets and hospitality trades. Outside of the dim glow of that limited media spotlight, the only extra step would perhaps be a grand opening promotion or soft opening event.

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  • As a communications and business counselor, I’m often asked by our clients, “Should I join a nonprofit board?”

    The answer is quite often a yes, but I am always quick to share with them that to do it right, it will take a lot of time…and often resources.

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