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  • From quick landscaping updates and parking lot repavements to long-term façade renovations and roadwork, construction near and within retail shopping centers is not always a welcome sight. Moreover, construction projects can result in increased traffic congestion, changes in tenant hours and unhappy guests and shoppers.

    So, how can retailers and shopping centers operators prepare and tailor their communications plan to address the impact of a construction project? We've compiled a few takeaways based on our experience working with all types of centers and retailers throughout the United States.

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  • The Art of an Apology

    The art of an apology shouldn’t be difficult to master. It’s a simple formula: if you make a mistake, you typically issue an apology and change your behavior.

    But some brands are still struggling with the right words to adequately address faux pas, and shifts in technology and in our culture have led to mistakes becoming more public, both for individuals and for companies. Brand blunders are under more scrutiny and can have long-lasting impacts if not quickly and appropriately addressed.

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