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  • You might not think an extra 140 characters would be too controversial, but Twitter’s recent decision to double the amount of available space in each tweet has sparked a ton of (sometimes heated) debate and discussion.

    The day that Twitter rolled out the new 280-character format, a client remarked that, “This must be like Christmas for your team!” My answer was that it’s either Christmas or Memorial Day. Because depending on your perspective, the move was either the greatest thing ever–or a time to lament and wonder what happened to the platform we’ve known and loved.

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  • With more than 60 companies in the Identity client portfolio representing a wide variety of industries, we have the unique opportunity to look "under the hood" of several diverse marketing and communications programs. At the end of the year, we like to take a step back and view these programs through a more holistic lens. Where are clients looking to invest marketing dollars? Which programs are no longer producing results? What problems have yet to be solved? Which marketing conversation topics are driving and influence change?

    As we turn the corner into 2018, we wanted to share some of the pain points we're hearing from clients, and the painkillers we're prescribing to treat the issue. While marketing communications is never truly a one-size-fits-all effort, these ideas might help spark some valuable discussions inside your company as you think about your 2018 marketing budget.

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