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  • For many brands, your company’s local signage is a first visual touchpoint for potential customers and clients within your community. Signs are passed by high volumes of drivers & pedestrians daily. As a single cost advertising expense, the semi-permanent landmark of a sign is often more cost effective per impression than any single ad. It may also garner more basic brand recognition than any campaign. In short, it’s worth the expense to have prime signage that really shows off your brand.

    Understanding that the whole point of signage is to be seen, be sure to pay attention to three L’s—key factors that critically impact your sign’s visibility:

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  • No matter what role you fulfill at work today, chances are you’d like to continue to advance your career.

    At Identity, we believe that one of the most critical ways to improve your position at the office is to expand your professional capacity by taking on higher level and more strategic tasks. Yet with today’s ever-increasing slew of communications tools, meetings, emails, texts and more, it can seem impossible to add one more job to your plate.

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