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  • I recently returned from a 10-day trip to Italy. Not only did I see the sights and sounds of Venice, Florence and Rome, I made sure to eat whatever food I could get my hands on. Gelato was consumed at least 2-3 times per day. I enjoyed homemade pesto flatbread in the actual town where pesto was invented. There was plenty of regular tiramisu… and deconstructed tiramisu. In short, the results for my daily food tracking on MyFitnessPal basically read as ERROR throughout the trip.

    Now, I expected the food to be stellar (and it didn’t disappoint). What surprised me about Italy was how each restaurant, no matter how big or small, was focused on the experience of the guest. Sure, there were many instances where a language barrier was very present. But we could tell that people genuinely cared about how you spent time in their establishment.

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  • Content marketing is a crucial component of the modern PR mix. At its heart, it represents one of the most effective marketing means to attract potential customers, establish thought leadership around a particular subject, create lead magnets and valuable offers, and build your overall company or personal brand.

    While the content itself is important, how you say it is just as crucial. Part of building your brand is deciding on the tone of your blog, e-books and social media posts.

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