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  • nike-breaking2-innovative-brand-example

    The world around us is changing, and as a result, companies of all sizes are evaluating new ways to reach their audiences and gain new fans. On May 6, Nike ventured into new territory with #Breaking2, an incredible event that saw marathon superstars attempting to break 2 hours in the marathon—something never done before. While the race itself was momentous, Nike’s approach to sharing this event with the world is a lesson to other brands in innovation and out-of-the-box thinking.

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  • The QLINE – Detroit’s first streetcar in decades – has been one of the most talked about infrastructure projects in Michigan this year. But the transit system has ostensibly been a polarizing topic.

    To get a better idea of what the public actually thinks about the QLINE, we leveraged Identity’s social listening and analytics platform – NetBase – to gauge the mood of digital conversations taking place on social media and media sites. We also used NetBase to identify some of the most shared public content and stories.

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