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  • At the end of 2016, Instagram launched a new feature: Instagram Stories. If you're unfamiliar with this tool, you'll want to pay attention. Instagram Stories should be a huge area of focus for your brand's Instagram marketing strategy. Why? More than 150 million Instagrammers are using stories on a daily basis. So, what exactly are Instagram Stories?

    Instagram Stories, a feature offered through Instagram, allows users and brands to share multiple photos, videos and Boomerangs outside of a user's profile in a slideshow format. Rather than overposting and clogging up Instagram's feed with multiple pieces of content, brands can post as much as they like throughout the day, and their content will disappear forever after 24 hours. Brands can bring a new level of creativity to their content with Instagram Stories' text, drawing, tagging and location stamping tools. To view an Instagram Story, tap on a user's profile photo at the top of your feed.

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  • Cision State of the Media Report

    Every day, we get information about what is going on in the world and our community through social media, TV or word of mouth. However, trust in what we’re seeing and reading in the media is starting to diminish, and the overall perception of the media is changing.

    Cision recently surveyed more than 1,550 journalists and influencers on their media perception in its 2017 State of the Media Report. They found that, while most people have more faith in earned media vs. paid, journalists are struggling to maintain that trust. People have always relied on the media for facts and information, but due to limited resources—such as the shrinking sizes of newsrooms, enhanced expectations of reporters and the ease of disseminating messages online—that confidence has declined significantly.

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