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  • The best media relations programs are strategic in nature. For organizations with several lines of business—and multiple subject matter experts who can speak intelligently to those various topics—this can present unique challenges for implementing and maintaining a strategic approach. Which aspect of the business do you focus on and when? Who do you position as the source for media opportunities? How do you distribute opportunities equally to avoid internal politics? How do you manage multiple subject matter experts looking for media exposure and visibility? Here are a few tips I’ve learned to better navigate these situations.

    Learn Who Wants to be Involved—and Who Doesn’t
    Sometimes there are individuals that just have no desire to be part of media opportunities—and that’s OK! Focus your efforts on the people who do want to be involved in the process. What I’ve found is that those folks are generally more willing to help brainstorm media topics, perform the due diligence to prepare for successful interviews, and make an effort over time to improve their work as a spokesperson and brand ambassador for the company.

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    Amen, Seth. Amen.

    I recently attended the Digital Marketing Boot Camp, hosted by the Detroit Regional Chamber, and storytelling was a top theme discussed during the event. For those of us who are in the daily digital marketing grind, this may seem like a no-brainer. Yet sadly, there are countless examples of brands who still can't quite figure out how to weave that ever-important storytelling component into their marketing programs.

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