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  • For business owners trying to grow their companies while still delivering stellar work for clients, keeping track of website credentials isn’t exactly at the top of the “to-do” list. Unfortunately, not having a firm handle on the many logins and passwords connected with your business’ website and associated services can lead to big problems down the road—including disruptions to business continuity and lost sales.

    How? The contact form on the website could spontaneously stop working, halting the delivering of inbound customer inquiries. In another scenario, your website goes down and customers are unable to access the information they need. As a result, they may choose to go elsewhere with their business. That unwanted downtime could last anywhere from a couple hours to a few days, depending on how quickly you can access your website and fix the issue at hand. If you need to chase after former vendors to get the necessary credentials, the likelihood of being down for several days increases exponentially.

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  • When I was a freshman in high school, I saw Louis C.K.’s stand-up special, Shameless, on the Internet. It was the first bit of stand-up I ever saw, and it was love at first sight.

    I would go on to consume comedy the same way a bear consumes fish before a long hibernation. I marveled at the way comedians weaved complex jokes together, and effortlessly glided from one bit to the next. When I began my career in digital media, I found that there was quite a bit of overlap between the two professions – both are involved in the creation of content, after all.

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