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  • Earlier this year, I had the pleasure of attending a PRSA Detroit event at Affirmations in Ferndale, focusing on how brands can effectively and respectively connect with the LGBT community. Recognizing diversity, especially through the lens of a brand, has always been a point of personal interest for me. After the event, I was blown away with how much I learned.

    Diversity in brand communications continues to be a hot-button topic. I’ve noticed that showcasing diversity is seen as a pillar of success for many companies. However, saying your brand is diverse, and showing your brand is diverse are two totally different things. For example, General Mills and Cheerios could cry diversity all day long, but their ads are what drives the message home.

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  • Just over 10 years ago, a little blue bird flew into our lives. His name: Twitter. His motive: Giving users a way to express themselves in 140 characters or less. Or in my case, connect to the celebrities I was digging at the time—which may or may not have been the latest emo band, but that’ll be our secret.

    I still remember my first tweet like it was yesterday. I believe it went something like this: “I’m new to this Twitter thing.” It was very similar to everyone’s first tweet.

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