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  • The job market continues to change drastically, and employers are constantly looking for new ways to identify, recruit and retain top talent. So how can companies differentiate themselves from the competition in a way that makes them more appealing to jobseekers? Some of these PR initiatives may help:

    Generate visibility with a wider range of jobseekers. Many local news outlets dedicate space to companies with open positions by sharing the types of positions they are hiring for, and the qualifications required. For instance, Channel 7 WXYZ in Detroit has a dedicated “Workers Wanted” segment featuring companies with job openings. These types of segments can generate positive exposure for your company and current open positions outside of mainstays like CareerBuilder, Indeed and LinkedIn.

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  • Preparation

    Admit it. When you saw the start of this blog post, your mind immediately went to the insanely popular and, may I add, extremely addictive Netflix docu-series, “Making a Murder.” While I still have many questions surrounding this case (just ask my co-workers) that will hopefully be answered in Season 2, the more relevant question is: what are some valuable lessons brands can takeaway from this ongoing phenomenon?

    Unlike newspaper articles and social media posts that can create a viral sensation in a matter of minutes with little to no warning, the stars of Making a Murderer were given the luxury of time. They knew their brands would be taking center stage for millions of prying eyes, and some prepared for the attention better than others (i.e. take a look at defense attorney Dean Strang’s website versus that of prosecuting attorney Ken Kratz’s website).

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