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  • Cooking segments on local news stations are a great way to highlight new menu features or restaurant items that may need an extra boost. They’re also a fun and high-energy opportunity to communicate key messages and activities going on in restaurant. But, pitching, securing and executing a cooking segment can be a tricky task. If the segment idea is not timely or relevant, it likely will not be selected for airtime. Moreover, if you’re not fully prepared or the details are not well thought out, there is a strong chance your segment will leave a bad taste in viewers’ mouths.

    While there are numerous aspects to consider when creating a masterful cooking segment, here are the four main ingredients that we’ve found crucially important:

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  • Perhaps you're already active in the social media space and are looking for new ways to connect and engage with your community. Or, maybe you're new to the world of social media and want to know the best way to scale your efforts and achieve results. No matter where you're starting from, what channels you're active on, or what your goals are, content planning is the backbone of any effective hotel social media strategy.

    While deciding what to post may seem like a simple task, it can actually cause quite a conundrum without a clear strategy in place to guide your online activity. While editorial calendars are a great tool for planning content (here's a simple guide on how to create one), a document full of copy does no good if there isn't a purpose behind the content it includes.

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