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  • crisis-management

    The thought of crisis planning may seem overwhelming, but so will the thought of a rapidly unfolding media meltdown if you don’t have a crisis management plan and a strong crisis communications strategy in place.

    Every organization is vulnerable to crises, and you certainly don’t want to be caught off guard should unfavorable news about your brand take an unexpected turn for the worse.

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  • How do you prompt two-way discussions with your audiences on social media channels? For many communications professionals, it’s a pretty simple question that is often followed by a complicated answer. There are several possible answers to this question, such as A/B testing images, rotating hashtags and conversation hijacking (jumping in on discussions where a brand is mentioned, but may not need to participate).

    One of the more popular and effective tactics is to directly illicit audience engagement via conversation prompts, such as questions or polls. It’s not uncommon to see these posts on consumer brand channels across the Web. However, few B2B organizations leverage this strategy.

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