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  • The holidays are the best time of the year to relax and recharge your batteries. While most clients tend to be busy with their own holiday initiatives, that is not necessarily the case for the media. Reporters are still expected to report timely and interesting stories for their daily or weekly print, digital or broadcast deadlines.

    It’s important to think of this time of year as a window of opportunity to secure great coverage through the hustle and bustle of holiday festivities. The general consensus is that news is slow during the holidays, but his is just not true! Here’s why:

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  • Experiential events help companies create unique and incredible brand experiences for their current and prospective customers. These opportunities allow audiences to experience what a business or product has to offer—all while communicating their key messages.

    You don’t need to have the budget of Facebook or Zappos to coordinate an impactful experiential event. In fact, if you follow the right steps in developing your experiential event, you’ll be able to maximize your resources while leaving a lasting impression on your key audiences.

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